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Green Bay by Cariassus Green Bay :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 0 Birthday Pic- Jennifer by Cariassus Birthday Pic- Jennifer :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 0 On a cloudy night by Cariassus On a cloudy night :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 0 Sunrise at Gyngril by Cariassus Sunrise at Gyngril :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 0
Aril- Lunchtime
The sight that greeted Aril made him moan. His encounter with Aaron and his group had clearly taken more time out of his lunch break than he had thought. He stared down at the queue which had formed into the canteen and past the hot food, it had always annoyed Aril how disorganised the school had been at organising lunch. They had in fact failed altogether, when the bell rang at 12:30 it was a race to the canteen. The first were lucky enough to be greeted by a choice of a large array of food. Burgers, chips, pizza were always the first things to go with the people choosing the healthy option pitifully low. If you arrived like Aril had at the back of the queue you were lucky to even get the choice of that. Instead he may be restricted to the less popular options such as veggie burgers and pasties. The alternative was to make your way to the always overstocked salad bar, where you were forced to fork out just to eat healthily. Aril was not against all forms of salad, but he did disagree
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By the riverbanks by Cariassus By the riverbanks :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 0 Spring time Haze by Cariassus Spring time Haze :iconcariassus:Cariassus 2 0 Between the mounts by Cariassus Between the mounts :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 0 To distant hilltops by Cariassus To distant hilltops :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 3 Where you dare to venture by Cariassus Where you dare to venture :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 8 Before the Storm -Orange- by Cariassus Before the Storm -Orange- :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 6 Before the rain by Cariassus Before the rain :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 8 Cariassus the Author 2007 by Cariassus Cariassus the Author 2007 :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 29
Memories in a Musical Box
The box opened with a sharp click and immediately the soft reassuring music began to play. She focused upon the little dancer turning within the box, surrounded by soft pink felt, a beautiful fragile little figure ,a symbol of innocence and purity. A link to the past, to the time when she was safe from harm and living without worries and pressures. She gazed at the little dancer and smiled, a single tear running silently down her face. She used to sit for hours and watch the little dancer, aspiring to be someone so happy and beautiful like her. Now she was lucky if she could find just 5 minutes in a day in which she could once more return to her past, to her pure memories and the innocence she had since lost. For this was her moment, five minutes of the day away from her boyfriend, away from her workplace, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Five minutes just to sit and watch the dancer twirling on the spot and to listen to the soft tinkling music. She checked her watch, sighe
:iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 18
The rooftops of Orange by Cariassus The rooftops of Orange :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 7 Into the valleys by Cariassus Into the valleys :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 5

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Rukia's Jump by JRock-Prophet Rukia's Jump :iconjrock-prophet:JRock-Prophet 33 34 FFVII: The Date Scene by Risachantag FFVII: The Date Scene :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 4,408 890 The Disciples by JRock-Prophet The Disciples :iconjrock-prophet:JRock-Prophet 3 17 ...the scars to prove it... by JRock-Prophet ...the scars to prove it... :iconjrock-prophet:JRock-Prophet 45 50
Whitest Rose
Frail as the petals of the whitest rose
Meek, yet with inner strength strong and willing
Her smile can brighten greater that the sun at noon
Though her hands are colder than ice
I want to hold her tightly
Hug her fears and pain away
Yet it is her, who hugs me,
Wipes away my tears,
Tells me everything will be fine
I doubt that everything will be fine
The sun will still shine
The seasons pass ever so gracefully
And she, my flower, will wilt away
But she will never die
Each morning the sun will rise
With her smile plastered on its face
Each breathe of the wind will be her touch
Frail the white rose may be
But it is also pure and will be forever
:iconsammietm:sammieTM 1 3
You're Not Dead to Me
A voice with a strength owned by no man
And a soul freer than the mightiest eagle
I remember you possessed
A smile brighter than any star
Mischievous twinkle in your eye always
Those dark nights when you demonstrated
A different side, ominous and confused
No light in you once radiant smile
Your deep soulful eyes dull and forbidding
You once welcoming arms pushed me away
I choose to forget you Hyde
Embracing the Jekyll you once were
The way you made me whole,
Helping me become who I am today
You will always be there, in me
I don't blame you for what you did
Wishing you were here doesn't alter anything
Though I can use you as a model to help others
You said you were good for nothing, that isn't true
You were good for me, a part of me died with you
Be free now, soar to different heights
Don't agonize about everyone down here
Remember that I loved every fragment of you
And though you rest in eternal sleep
Know that you're not dead to me
:iconsammietm:sammieTM 1 7
Dreams of a broken heart
This place that I know of
In the depths of my heart
Where the sky is navy blue
And the clouds ghostly white
With the wind brushing my body, secrets in my ear
And the waves wash away my fears
The temptress and her moon lure me
Into their sweet blissful trap
Alone in the cold dark night
Darkness never seemed so comforting
As I have fallen deeper into infinite delusions
Dreams of a broken heart
The stars are all culprits
A thousand eyes piercing into my heart
As I lay on the calm ocean
Hearing nothing but torments of rain
Tears that penetrate my body
As kisses that seal my pain away
Peace has never seemed closer
With my feet dug in the sand
Beauty in the reflection of the water
Gentle ripples mimic the beating of my heart
The wind embraces my wounded being
While the ocean heals my defeated soul, tossing it into the night
:icondoodydood:doodydood 1 4
Popeye by AnneriBurns Popeye :iconanneriburns:AnneriBurns 11 37 Floor Aftermath by oceanreaction Floor Aftermath :iconoceanreaction:oceanreaction 6 17
You hardly Know Him
You hardly know him
I've told you all you know
But even still I left parts out
Things he's done and said
You wouldn't get it
I nod in his direction
Every single day
And yet you cannot place
In the halls his face
I've listen to you rant and rave
About the people you hang with
Yet the moment I start
It's the end,
At least for me
I'll try and try again
To tell you the funny thing we did
Explain the joke he said,
How I laughed so hard,
The way he smiles,
The way I smile
But in the end it doesn't matter
After countless stories tried to be told
You hardly know him
:iconsammietm:sammieTM 1 2
The Cupboard Child
A child wishing to see the world
Left the home she had come to love
She travelled the world in wild search
Of people she knew, places to see
And met a person of comfort to her
Who offered the cupboard of his house
The girl explored the new surroundings
Playing a few rounds of a familiar game
Of tossing a shuttle around with rackets
Singles, double, open to all to enjoy
And soon the night came to fall
And off to the cupboard she went!
The girl was overjoyed when more was offered
More than she could have asked for
The boy who had opened his house to her
Did a remarkable thing of many sorts
He offered a more comfortable setting
A couch instead of the cupboard below
And a good night rest did she sleep
Before she told him by abiding adieu
That she was wanted back in the world
Across the giant, great blue
And as she said as she made her leave that night
Dear friend, no longer I stay in the cupboard!
:iconsammietm:sammieTM 1 7
The Game We Play
The game we play
The letters determining our fate
Never break the rules
Don't chicken out
Always follow the choice you make
If the value of the tile is less than five
The choice is something you would do anyway
More than five
Something wild, something wired, eccentric, different
But anything more than eight is something you loathe doing
I hope that I don't get a blank
A silent marauder
Causing one to do all
For it could be to break a heart
End a friendship
Crush one's dreams
For the game we play
We let the letters determine our fate
Never able to break the rules
Can't chicken out
Following our choice we make always
Yet I wish there was another option
An abort, an instant stop
Why can't we just end the game
Can't we just set it away?
:iconsammietm:sammieTM 1 3
Ode To The French Test
Oh french test,
Qu'est-ce la point?                     
:iconsammietm:sammieTM 2 13
lord of the rings by magann lord of the rings :iconmagann:magann 142 32
The fine print on blank paper
Meaningful words of black ink
Opinions blurt out in every corner
Anonymous stains the white sheet
No one understands the significance
Overlooking all the pain
Enjoying the short passage
While the author rots away
Oblivious to all the torture
The tears that blot the page
Memories no longer wanted
Anonymous writes with no end
Every stanza containing
A passageway to hell
But to those longing fans waiting
A masterpiece one can sell
A page full of emotions
An ending enveloped with pain
A disappearance one expected
Anonymous leaves their mark again
:icondoodydood:doodydood 0 8



Ghost Town
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Uk- Southampton
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Terragen pics, landscapes
MP3 player of choice: a weird one no-one will have heard of
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever I find that looks good and isnt porn on 4chan
Personal Quote: Fate has a habit of offering you a hand up..then kicking you in the teeth
  • Reading: Good Omens
  • Watching: Fringe
  • Playing: Sega Megadrive Hits
  • Drinking: Tea
Will keep this short. It has been ages since I was last here, but figure I should try and catch up with the 650 or so deviations people have produced. Nice to see my account is still getting pageviews, and thanks to the new favouriters and watchers.

I will happily chat with people if they want to contact me. Msn address has not changed, and you can always search my name on facebook!



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Thanks for the watch! :hug: As a fellow Briton (and 'cos I keep oggling your amazing landscapes) I must watch back! :D
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Hey man, thanks a lot for all the comments and input. But thanks even more for givin me some constructive criticism.

Glad to see someone still reads my stuff. But yeah man, if ya ever get curious bout whats goin on in my life, feel free to IM me (so you can find out the stories behind the songs). I just have a lot of shit to do and I forget that I'm even online. Eh, fuckin midterms tomorrow...

Well peace out man,
Cariassus Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2006
No worries and anytime. Same goes for you, feel free to IM me, I believe I am on your contacts list. Good luck with those midterms, now sitting at home and able to relax myself. Its great! Having said that, thats only possible because I worked flat out to get 8000 words worth of essay to do.Will continue to hover around your gallery :)
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