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Green Bay by Cariassus Green Bay :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 0 Birthday Pic- Jennifer by Cariassus Birthday Pic- Jennifer :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 0 On a cloudy night by Cariassus On a cloudy night :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 0 Sunrise at Gyngril by Cariassus Sunrise at Gyngril :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 0
Aril- Lunchtime
The sight that greeted Aril made him moan. His encounter with Aaron and his group had clearly taken more time out of his lunch break than he had thought. He stared down at the queue which had formed into the canteen and past the hot food, it had always annoyed Aril how disorganised the school had been at organising lunch. They had in fact failed altogether, when the bell rang at 12:30 it was a race to the canteen. The first were lucky enough to be greeted by a choice of a large array of food. Burgers, chips, pizza were always the first things to go with the people choosing the healthy option pitifully low. If you arrived like Aril had at the back of the queue you were lucky to even get the choice of that. Instead he may be restricted to the less popular options such as veggie burgers and pasties. The alternative was to make your way to the always overstocked salad bar, where you were forced to fork out just to eat healthily. Aril was not against all forms of salad, but he did disagree
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By the riverbanks by Cariassus By the riverbanks :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 0 Spring time Haze by Cariassus Spring time Haze :iconcariassus:Cariassus 2 0 Between the mounts by Cariassus Between the mounts :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 0 To distant hilltops by Cariassus To distant hilltops :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 3 Where you dare to venture by Cariassus Where you dare to venture :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 8 Before the Storm -Orange- by Cariassus Before the Storm -Orange- :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 6 Before the rain by Cariassus Before the rain :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 8 Cariassus the Author 2007 by Cariassus Cariassus the Author 2007 :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 29
Memories in a Musical Box
The box opened with a sharp click and immediately the soft reassuring music began to play. She focused upon the little dancer turning within the box, surrounded by soft pink felt, a beautiful fragile little figure ,a symbol of innocence and purity. A link to the past, to the time when she was safe from harm and living without worries and pressures. She gazed at the little dancer and smiled, a single tear running silently down her face. She used to sit for hours and watch the little dancer, aspiring to be someone so happy and beautiful like her. Now she was lucky if she could find just 5 minutes in a day in which she could once more return to her past, to her pure memories and the innocence she had since lost. For this was her moment, five minutes of the day away from her boyfriend, away from her workplace, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Five minutes just to sit and watch the dancer twirling on the spot and to listen to the soft tinkling music. She checked her watch, sighe
:iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 18
The rooftops of Orange by Cariassus The rooftops of Orange :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 7 Into the valleys by Cariassus Into the valleys :iconcariassus:Cariassus 0 5

Random Favourites

Taste the night
fingertips moist with
testing, tasting…
Smell the night
pores scenting the
surrounding atmosphere
Touch the night
lips parted
silent, baited…
Hear the night
heart beating
listening to
whispers, calling, caressing…
See the night
with body sighting
motions, surges…
Each fold, crease and
sensing, collecting,
gathering details
:iconpierced---:pierced--- 1 14
A code to identify
A number in line
Seven digits when born
Eight more when you die
Always adding zeros
One more number to comply
To this never ceasing population
To which I have come accustom to in life
Just one person in a billion
One more face in the crowd
One more sounding voice,yelling
One more teen victim to suicide
And yet even so I feel lonely
And yet even so I still cry
Although no one can see me, touch me
In an ocean drowning with futile cries
I alone am worth nothing
I for me am just one
Nothing but a simple number
Adding up to show where I belong
:icondoodydood:doodydood 2 5
Through The Eyes Of Freedom by oceanreaction Through The Eyes Of Freedom :iconoceanreaction:oceanreaction 6 25
Winter Night
In the night I stand
the moon light shining upon me
I'm waiting for him
but he won't come

I've waited so long
For his arms to embrace me
His love surrounding my being
Waiting..for my fears to be driven away
my fears to be driven away
Someone is steping out of the shadow
I wonder, could it be him?
but it's another stranger again
What is keeping him from me?

My heart is beating loudly
Should I walk away from here?
Never once calling to reassure his presence
Just another broken promise
:iconnimgil:Nimgil 2 8
Winter night
In the night I stand
the moon light shining upon me
I'm waiting for him
but he won't come
I've waited so long
For his arms to embrace me
His love surrounding my being
Waiting..for my fears to be driven away
my fears to be driven away
Someone is steping out of the shadow
I wonder, could it be him?
but it's another stranger again
What is keeping him from me?
My heart is beating loudly
Should I walk away from here?
Never once calling to reassure his presence
Just another broken promise
:icondoodydood:doodydood 2 2
i can't be happy anymore..
You came into my life and I thought it was for the best
But now when I think of you I get a pain in my chest  
You ruined my life when you went off with that other girl
My heart is racing my eyes are tearful I'm all in a twirl
I thought that I had gotten over this pain thought
Thats it would never come back to me - out of my body
But when all those girls told the boys that I'm a lieing bitch..
It came back to me - noone could ever love me
We had promised eachother we'd always be bestfriends forever
That no boys would ever get in our frienship which was so magical
Then those girls left me alone never to come back to me
I had done nothing wrong though - except being me.
None wants to listen to me anymore
They all say they love me to bits but I know what they about me
'poor her , shes hated by all all alone to go through life'
This isn't the life for me always seeing if tomorrow is better then today..
Some of my ''friends'' apologise but the others don't even do that
I don't kno
:iconhippy-hunny:hippy-hunny 1 4
I sit
And write,
And spill
My thoughts,
Not knowing
Nor understanding,
Why this
Means anything,
To anyone
Outside myself,
Or why
The words,
Strange blackness
On white,
Keep wasting
Precious ink,
All day
All night,
Taking time
I lack,
Stepping closer
To eternity,
Still flowing
Like water,
Spilling tears
Of mine,
From my very own floodway.
:iconablativelove:AblativeLove 2 4
I knew that it was pointless
Afterall I am just fifteen
What do I know about life?
It's nothing more than it seems
I know nothing of suffering
I know nothing of pain
Why the world revolves around me?
Is a question I can not explain
I thought that I had feelings
I thought I knew what I meant
But now I am just unsure
Left everything unsaid
I am not the victim
Yet I never said I was
Never once claimed I was right
Never once said you were wrong
I try to make things better
Yet it all falls on my face
A never ending circle
I can not escape
There is no point in stuggling
There is no point to fight
A war fought for centuries
However, will never be won
I will leave as soon as possible
Sorry I can't be more of a failure in life
Whatever was needed to succeed
Falls far beyond those lines
I have no one else to turn to
No one who could possibly understand
I know that I am selfish
I know i've made mistakes
I do not ask forgiveness
I just want you to accept
:icondoodydood:doodydood 2 8
HAHA Youre Gonna Be BLIND by BlackWinterDay HAHA Youre Gonna Be BLIND :iconblackwinterday:BlackWinterDay 1 15 I am Lost by oceanreaction I am Lost :iconoceanreaction:oceanreaction 3 28
A mother's decision
Overruling my own
Instictively i choose to surrender
I can win the battle not the war
Choosing not to say something I might regret
Into the night i slip away
Waiting for a mother's worried face
Wanting her to bleed feel the pain
Funny how screams can make you forget
That maybe love is really not meant
I feel like i hate you
I feel you don't care
You are always unjust
Always unfair
You've locked me in prison cell
I can not escape
Nonetheless try to break
You've torn off my wings
Broken my arms
Left me to rot
Unable to fly
You have chosen to encase me
For the years that are still to come
Treating me as a child
When i've matured so fast
You leave my wounds open
Then pack them with salt
Why teach me to walk?
Do you not have me crawling
I mean no harm towards you
But why are you controlling my life?
That's it I give up
I dare not change your mind
And with these final words mom
To you all I say is
:icondoodydood:doodydood 1 2
Perfect love
This is just too right
But then for now its wrong
Too many differences,numerous similarities
Cant you see our chances are slim
Long time to wait for whats happening
Things change, other things will not
Perfect love without a chance
Why cant this be easier
But then it wouldnt be the same
Too many cliches, It would never actually be
We will both tred different pathways
Leading further away from each other
Curving round to meet one more time
Perfect love surely no chance
My second half
A true soul mate
This love that can never be
I need you here to comfort me
And yet I feel you near
How can it be you stole my love?
When you know well we have no chance
A curse upon us I can't escape
The fire, which burns inside my chest
Those voices reminding me every night
That I will never be at your side
I see the stars twinkling bright
And as to the sky above I glance
I only wish we had that chance

And if by chance one day we meet
On some illbegotten city street
I'll hold my hands out toward
:icondoodydood:doodydood 3 7
Too Young To Die...
She was considered a loner,
by everyone in our class.
For some reason I was drawn to her,
They thought it wouldn't last
Because she was mean,
they told me to stay away.
But something about her caught my attention,
and I couldn't go away.
I loved her.
She was a sad little girl
with no hopes or dreams.
All because her mother,
hit her everyday.
She'd come to school with bruises, bumps and scrapes,
each day a different excuse.
"I fell", "I was in a fight", "I thought I could Fly"...
Eventually she told the truth,
I even started to cry.
I was very sad for her,
I thought I should tell,
but she grabbed me by the arm..
and made me promise to keep quiet.
I kept her secret safe,
I cried with her and helped her through.
The night she went "missing",
I searched and searched and searched.
I went home,
upset about her being gone.
I woke up the next morning,
got ready to go to school,
maybe she'd be there...
I heard rumours,
about her being burned to death.
Another was her being skinned and stabbed,
:iconcrimsonwrist:crimsonwrist 12 39



Ghost Town
United Kingdom
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Personal Quote: Fate has a habit of offering you a hand up..then kicking you in the teeth
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Will keep this short. It has been ages since I was last here, but figure I should try and catch up with the 650 or so deviations people have produced. Nice to see my account is still getting pageviews, and thanks to the new favouriters and watchers.

I will happily chat with people if they want to contact me. Msn address has not changed, and you can always search my name on facebook!



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Well peace out man,
Cariassus Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2006
No worries and anytime. Same goes for you, feel free to IM me, I believe I am on your contacts list. Good luck with those midterms, now sitting at home and able to relax myself. Its great! Having said that, thats only possible because I worked flat out to get 8000 words worth of essay to do.Will continue to hover around your gallery :)
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